All Fuuko wants is a passionate romance like the one in her favorite shojo manga. Unfortunately, her Unluck ability makes that impossible. But just as Fuuko hits rock bottom, Andy sweeps her off her feet, literally. Now she’s become Andy’s unwilling test subject as he works to find a way to trigger a stroke of Unluck big enough to kill him for good. However, when the pair discovers a secret organization is hunting them, it puts Andy’s burial plans on hold.

After being sealed away for 1,000 years, the War God Duan Yuxian has come back to a world that has forgotten him and his malevolent past. As he wanders aimlessly through the central plains ruled by the martial world, he comes across a dying little girl named Xiaomei and revives her out of pity. Although they try to live in peace as a family, the factions of the martial world refuse to let them be. Now, Duan Yuxian has no other choice but to remind them that the War God has truly returned.
Chronicles of a Returner
Chronicles Of The Martial God

"I Can't do this anymore!" Yuke Feldia, a red mage, just left his adventurer A-Rank party. After being mistreated as a handyman and ridiculed for five years, he finally snapped! And so began his desolate, unemployed life or so he thought!
Through a stroke of luck, Yuke is welcomed into an all-female adventurer party comprised of his former students!! As they defeat dungeons one after another, Yuke's strength is gradually revealed! As it turns out, this red mage wields extraordinary magic and skills?
A party of the protagonist who is a skilled supporter x newbie

Alexander, whose hometown was destroyed by the demon race, fought with the Demon King and was killed. But instead of the afterlife welcoming him, when he opened his eyes, he was reborn as the Demon King’s son, Jilbagias!? While hiding his true identity, he stains his hands with atrocities as he conducts himself as the ideal demon prince, increasing his power to ultimately overthrow the Demon Kingdom…

The Greatest Estate Designer
The World's Best Engineer
The World’S Best Engineer
역대급 영지 설계사

A magic nerd's life came to an end after a dreadful encounter with the nobles who ended his life with a powerful spell. His last wish, being able to study and master more magic, has been answered when he was reincarnated as Lloyd de Saloom, the 7th prince of Saloom Kingdom. Now he'll be able to perfect his magic as he pleases...
I Was Reincarnated as the 7th Prince so I Can Take My Time Perfecting My Magical Ability
I Was Reincarnated As the 7th Prince so I Will Perfect My Magic as I Please
The Seventh Prince: A Reincarnated Magic Nerd

Kanojo ga Senpai ni NTR-reta node, Senpai no Kanojo wo NTR-masu
My Girlfriend Cheated on Me With a Senior, so I'm Cheating on Her With His Girlfriend
แผน NTR แฟนรุ่นพี่ แค้นนี้ต้องชำระ

Yuu Isshiki, a first-year university student, learns that his girlfriend Karen is having an affair with his senior, Kamokura. He was so devastated that he asked Kamokura’s girlfriend and the most beautiful girl on campus, Touko: “Please have an affair with me!”

A thrilling romantic comedy that begins with an accomplice relationship.

The once prosperous Japanese ninja were dismantled by the GHQ following the Pacific War and disappeared. In reality, the ninja still exist in secret, and their number is said to be as many as 200,000. Some of the elite ninja work behind the scenes at the national level. On the other hand, the ninja at the end of the line are often unable to find work. One such ninja, Kuro Kumogakure, is living the life of a NEET.

Nekokado is an extremely straight-laced high school teacher who has lived alone since the death of his sister. But one day, he discovers a photo of her in a maid costume. He goes to a concept café in order to investigate his sister's secret, but there he meets a girl named Tsuruko…?!

Taking place after Clayman's defeat in the main story, he reawakens in the past retaining his memory of the events that led to his death.

Will Clayman be able to overturn his fate, and will it be for the better or worse?

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime: Clayman Revenge
転生したらスライムだった件 クレイマンREVENGE